Surface Grinder - Semi-Auto Saddle Surface Grinder - DSG-1.2.3A.3A820H


  • 1A:Longitudinal Hydraulic
  • 2A:1A+Cross motor device
  • 3A:2A+rapid up & down motorized
  • 3AH:3A+MPG
DESCRIPTION UNIT 1A820 2A820 3A820 3A820H
General Capacity Table size (lxw) mm 200x510
Max.grinding length mm 550
Max.grinding width mm 220
Distance from table surface to spindle center mm 380
Standard mag. Chuck size mm 200x500
Longitudinal Movement Manual travel mm 600
Hydraulic traverse mm 510
Hydraulic feed (table speed) approx. m/min 1~25
Cross Movement Manual travel mm 230
Auto cross feed mm 230
Hand feed per revolution mm 5
Hand feed per graduation mm 0.02
Continuous cross feed (approx.)50/60HZ mm/min 510/650
Increment cross feed mm/min 0.5~10
Vertical Downfeed Rapid traverse (approx.) mm/min - 230
Hand feed per revolution mm/MPG 1mm
Hand feed per graduation mm/MPG 0.005mm
Manual pulse generator   -



Grinding Wheel Wheel size (diax width xbore) mm Ø180x13x31.75
Spindle speed (50/60HZ) r.p.m 3000/3600
Motor Spindle drive motor HP 3
Hydraulic motor HP 1
Cross feed motor W 40
Elevating motor W


Rapid hand elevatipn servo motor W     400
Weight Net weight / gross weight (approx.) kg 1470/1620
Packing Size Length × width × height mm 1780x1600x2200

※ The manufacturer reserves right to modify the design,specification mechanisms etc. without notice.

  • Grinding wheel
  • Wheel flange with extractor
  • Balancing arbor
  • Diamond dresser and base
  • Working lamp
  • Leveling plate
  • Leveling screw & nut
  • Tool box with tools
  • Operation manual & Inspection report
  • Touch-up paint
  • Machine structure is manufactured from high quality Meehanite class FC cast iron
  • Direct type spindle use high precision P4 bearing and go with V3 grade spindle motor provide excellent rigidity and stability
  • Saddle guide way use double V designed, coated with Turcite-B and hand-scraped provide smooth movement
  • Auto lubrication system use pump for forced cycle lubrication
  • Micro feed for cross
    Micro feed for cross
  • Manual pulse generator
    Manual pulse generator
  • Permanent magnetic chuck
    Permanent magnetic chuck
  • Electro magnetic chuck
    Electro magnetic chuck
  •  Demagnetizer
  •  Inclinable permanent mag. Chuck
    Inclinable permanent mag. Chuck
  • Coolant & Dust unit
    Coolant & Dust unit
  •  Magnetic separator and coolant system
    Magnetic separator and coolant system
  •  Auto.Paper Strip Filter
    Auto.Paper Strip Filter
  • Auto. Paper strip fiter with magentic separator and coolant system
    Auto. Paper strip fiter with magentic separator and coolant system
  • Inverter
  • Demagnetizer
  • Digital readout
    Digital readout
  •  On line wheel balance system(Manual)
    On line wheel balance system(Manual)
  • Flange
  • Angle sine dresser
    Angle sine dresser
  • Precision universal angle vise
    Precision universal angle vise
  • Tangimatic dresser
    Tangimatic dresser
  • Manual overhead dresser
    Manual overhead dresser